Can you post screenshots of Faith Connors in the 2D cutscenes?
- Anonymous

Sure! i’ll get to that really soon :)

Oct 17th
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- Anonymous

Hahahah thankyou! hope you enjoy!!

Oct 17th
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Can you draw Faith Connors?
- Anonymous

Ahhh i’m not sure that i can, i am awful at drawing but i will give it a go and if i succeed i will post it hahah!

Oct 17th
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30 Day Colouring Challenge

Day 9. Create a colouring of someone you admire.  

Credit: X X X     


Oct 10th
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Mirror’s Edge

Oct 09th
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"I will move fast I will move slow, take me where I have to go, oh I’m still alive”.

Oct 08th
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Mirror's Edge → Concept Art

I am going to be looking for a new theme soon, wish me luck i am gonna need it

Hey, I just want you to know how great your blog is and how much it means to us fans. It's so nice to see something dedicated to my absolute favorite game and you're doing a great job!

Wow thankyou so much!! i cannot tell you how much this means to me!

I am really happy that people are enjoying and appreciating my blog and my posts :D

Oct 05th
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Get Higher Faith

Hello, this is my blog dedicated to my favourite game Mirror's Edge! I will be making alot of pictures, GIFs and graphics. I will also keep you up to date with all Mirror's Edge news. Also feel free to ask me absolutely anything preferably about Mirror's Edge.